Friday, 4 March 2011

Farewell, Borders

To my readers, I apologize for my monthlong absence from my blog. It's been a busy month. Some of you have probably heard that Borders is closing about 1/3 of its stores since filing for bankruptcy. One of these unfortunate stores is located in my town, and is one of the main places where I bought books. It was also much more convenient than Barnes & Noble, which we had to go all the way across town in order to visit. The one thing about the closing that I do enjoy: liquidation sale! Needless to say, I took advantage of that and bought two interesting-looking books: Mudbound and My Name is Asher Lev. Neither of which I have read, due to my rather lengthy reading list. But now it is time to pay my respects to my local Borders. Hopefully whatever store moves into their space is worth going to.

Oh Borders!
You carpeted, bookshelf-filled store of bliss,
your countless tomes the abode of imagination,
your wooden bookshelves filled with endless curiosities.
To walk in your door was to enter a different world;
I was Lucy and you were my Narnia.
Oh, to get lost in the pages of prose,
paperbacks and hardcovers,
oblivious to everything but the books.
But, like every journey through the magical wardrobe,
it all must end.
No longer shall I wander through your smorgasbord of summer reading,
hunting for that priceless treasure.
Farewell, Borders.